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Bahá'í Principles
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Activities and Outreach
  • The oneness of humanity
  • The equality of men and women
  • The elimination of prejudice
  • The elimination of extremes of
    wealth & poverty
  • The independent investigation of truth
  • Universal education
  • Religious tolerance
  • The harmony of science and religion
  • A world commonwealth of nations
  • A universal auxiliary language

The Bahá’í community, comprising members of the Bahá’í Faith from all over the globe, now numbers over five million souls. They represent 2,112 ethnic and tribal groups and live in over 116,000 localities in 188 independent countries and 45 dependent territories or overseas departments.

The Bahá’í Faith is recognized by the Encyclopedia Britannica as the second most widely spread independent religion in the world, after Christianity. Its membership cuts across all boundaries of class and race. Haifa, Israel, is the site of its international center and the seat of its world-governing council, known as the Universal House of Justice... more more


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